ASP has been featured in 1851 Magazine in an article titled Finding Your First Veteran Franchisee. The article talks about the addition of ASP’s first veteran franchisee, Col. James King, and why franchising with ASP was the right fit for his life after service. Click here to read the entire article.

Finding Your First Veteran Franchisee
By 1851 Magazine

As a young franchise system, finding your first veteran franchisee can often be a challenge, but one that companies are willing to work for. Whether it be overcoming barriers of sharing franchise information with military veterans about future opportunities or delivering messages about the growing company, it can be hard to connect with the right individual at the right time.

In 2012, America’s Swimming Pool Company welcomed their first military veteran to the system, Col. James King, Ret. King served as a Marine Officer for nearly 30 years, working across the globe for humanitarian missions, global crisis and served in multiple wars including Desert Storm and the conflict in Iraq. King mostly flew KC-130 aerial refueling tankers as he worked his way up through the ranks.

Upon retiring, he spent some time working for a defense contractor as a senior strategic policy and program analyst for the Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Program. In 1997, King decided to take a step back from his military life and began looking for a new career to pursue closer to home; one where he could stay active, work with people and fill an underserved market with a professional company.

After looking into various business opportunities, King was introduced to America’s Swimming Pool Company through the help of a franchise broker. Based off the tremendous growth over the past few years and the growing success of the brand, King knew it would be a good fit.