Pool Cleaning Franchise offers support for Breast Cancer.


OCTOBER 9, 2015 (Macon, GA) — No doubt you’ve seen the pictures, the ads, and the color pink is everywhere. That’s because October is national Breast Cancer Awareness month and ASP wants to show our support for a worthy cause. After all, breast cancer hits home to most, if not all of us. We’ve all known someone who was diagnosed, fought it and in some cases, succumbed to it’s ravages. But, whatever the cause, ASP proudly salutes those women and families who bear such a burden.


“For us it’s less a matter of throwing our support behind the popular thing of the month,” said Thomas Swift, President and CEO of ASP Pools. “The reality is that it hits home for me, for a lot of our employees. Because of that we’re excited to throw our support behind all the research that’s being done. I have to believe that at some point, research will be successful, but until that time comes, the team at Bruges, Waffles and Frites will continue to support the cause and helping others cope with their illness.”


Breast Cancer is a terrible disease that claims the lives of thousands each year. It is estimated that 2015 will see over 60,000 women diagnosed with cancer. Perhaps more sobering is the news that just over 40,000 will die of Breast Cancer in 2015 alone—making it one of the worst diseases in the modern era.


“Too many people go it alone in these kinds of situations,” said Swift. “For me, when I started my pool business and finally moved it to a pool cleaning franchise, I knew that I wanted to give back to the community in some way. Since this hits so close to home, it was a perfect fit. And while you don’t often associate swimming pool cleaning activities with this kind of issue, it’s something that I’m quite proud of.”


Breast cancer research is progressing at a steady pace but continues to need research. If you are at all interested in supporting the cause to cure and eradicate breast cancer, please visit the Susan G. Komen foundation website at
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