Service Voice 2013 - Stewart Vernon

How’s business these days at ASP? Well, when you asked me that question last year, we were having our largest classes of incoming pool school attendees. We launched 14 locations last year, which was a record for us. If you break them down, the highest-performing locations did better last year than any of the high performing locations from the previous year.

Woman’s Work

Woman’s Work By Linda G. Green Here we are in the 21st century, yet it still surprises many people to see a female-owned pool service company. It shouldn’t. Women own more than 8.3 million companies in the United…

Mesa man lands 1st AZ branch of Ga. pool firm

Mesa man lands 1st AZ branch of Ga. pool firm by Maria Polletta From building up his own pest-control company and upping membership at a women's gym to dramatically increasing billings at a paramedical company, Mesa native Clint Rowley…