POOL Perfection

By Andrea Hayes

While looking for a new venture to undertake in 2008, ASP Pools owner Gordy Pease, did not have his heart set on the swimming pool industry until someone suggested it to him. Now he runs a successful franchise in Columbus, Ga., helping residents find the perfect pool for their family.

Gordy talked with SVM about his experience in the pool industry, the best time to install or renovate a pool and what ASP Pools has to offer you.

What sparked your interest in the swimming pool industry? As I was looking into business opportunities nearly 6 years ago now, I was approached about the ASP Swimming Pool franchise model and it really made sense to me. The concept of bringing a true professional approach to an industry that historically has been very fragmented and unpolished provided the opportunity to leverage my 20 years of banking experience and incorporate it into the swimming pool business.

I am blessed to be surrounded by a team with decades of pool experience to truly create a model of providing swimming pool solutions to our customers in a different way.

What type of services do you offer? We are a full service swimming pool company providing swimming pool solutions to pool owners throughout the Valley area. Our team of experienced technicians offers various weekly pool cleaning programs, equipment repair, service and installation, as well as all types of pool renovations from liner changes to pool deck/coping replacement to interior resurface jobs, including tile. We also have a specialty retail store on Hamilton Road where pool owners can get their water tested and can find all the necessary chemicals and specialty products to maintain the pool themselves.

What factors affect the cost of my swimming pool? There are a wide range of factors that come into play here – some you can control and some you cannot. One you CAN control is the operating efficiency of your filtration equipment. The more efficient your system is the less costly the operation of your pool becomes. For example, lower utility bills can be experienced from the installation of a Variable Speed Pump.

Proper equipment sizing and filtration with adequate turnover ratios will lower your annual chemical cost resulting in clear, safe and balanced water.

The environment that surrounds the homeowners’ pool, though, is a variable cost that can affect the ongoing maintenance cost of the pool (i.e. the number of trees, plants, etc.) and the application of fertilizer on lawns and gardens in a backyard are examples of that. Preventive maintenance on the part of the pool owner and/or the service company is very, very important and plays a big part in reducing cost long term.

What are some of the latest trends in the swimming pool industry? From a renovation standpoint, water features, LED lighting, pebble finishes and glass tile are now options that are easy to retro fit into existing 30-40 year old gunite swimming pools. Pebble finishes have become increasingly popular in both residential and commercial applications. They give the pool a more natural look and not only last longer than traditional white plaster finishes, but are much more stain resistant and easier to maintain.

Automation is probably the most intriguing trend in pools now as technology has improved to the point where a homeowner can operate their pool – pumps, lights, water features, etc – from their iPad or iPhone with a touch of a button. So, if you and your spouse are at dinner and want to turn the spa on you can with your iPhone and it will be heated up and ready by the time you get home!

Variable speed pumps have been around a few years but we are beginning to see more customers inquire about them as the utility bill savings are amazing.

When is the best time to undertake a complete makeover or renovation of my swimming pool? Historically, the winter months have been the time that most of the work gets done as most pools are not being used during this time frame and the pool companies have more time to do the work as it’s technically their “off season.”

However, cold temperatures and rain can have an adverse effect on timely completions of projects. The best time would be late summer or fall, but even projects done during the heart of the “season” can often times only take a week or two to complete, leaving plenty of time for families to enjoy the pool during the swimming season.svm

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